Hakan Alpay

Hi, I'm Hakan Alpay.

I'm a sophomore at UCLA studying Computer Science and the vice president of Billiards Club. I like to develop videogames, logos, languages, and crazy Counter-Strike strategies. I also think too much, and hence this blog was born. I would love any feedback you have on my site!

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My Huge Thank Yous

This page exists just to say thank you to all the people whose work I’ve used and people who have supported me in life. 🙇‍

Thanks to

  • Alexey Kryukov for designing Old Standard TT, the charming serif font that I use for this blog’s headings.
  • Natanael Gama for designing Exo 2, the extremely legible sans-serif font that I use for this blog’s body.
  • Wei Huang for designing Work Sans, the charming Grotesque font that is the Kimeiga brand’s title font
  • Rasmus Andersson for designing Inter UI, the clean, legible screen font that is the Kimeiga brand’s body font
  • Mathieu Mayer-Mazzoli for developing the highly unique Hikari Jekyll theme that I expanded upon to create this site.

and my parents, friends, and family for their infinite support.

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About the picture

If you leave your shutter open long enough at the 7 North stair room in Rieber Hall, you can really capture a lot of buildings.